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Most frequently asked questions

   Who can use the University of Bergamo libraries?

   What does the online catalogue contain?

   Is it possible to photocopy documents?

Questions about library loan

   How many books can I take home?

   For how long can I borrow a book?

   Which kind of material is for consultation only on site?

   Can I make a reservation on an item currently on loan?

   Can I renew my loans?

   What happens if my items are overdue?

   I have damaged or lost a book. What should I do?

Questions about interlibrary services

   What are Interlibrary Services?

   Who can use Interlibrary Services?

   How do I submit interlibrary loan (ILL) or document delivery (DD) requests?

   How many ILL or DD requests can I submit?

   How long can I borrow an item?

   How long will it take for my documents to arrive?

   Do I have to pay for inter-library loan service?

Questions about bibliographic research

   What kind of support does the library provide for bibliographic research?

   Which bibliographic tools are at my disposal?

   How do I find the books I need?

   How can I find an article that I need?

   How can I get assistance with bibliographic research?

   Who can use the bibliographic research Service?

Questions about electronic resources

   What are electronic resources?

   Who can access electronic resources?

   Which rules should I observe when using electronic resources?

   Can I access electronic resources even from home?

How do I

   Borrow a book?

   Renew my loans?

   Make a reservation?

   Obtain items that are not held by the library?

   Obtain an article of an issue not held by the library?