Library services for your dissertation


To obtain your degree, you are required to write a final dissertation. It's a very important job, that allows you to have a taste of disciplinary research.

We can help you to do bibliographic or factual research, to select your sources, to retrieve the important materials and to cite them correctly.

That's what we can do for you.  

Authoritative disciplinary sources

You can start your research from the library catalogue BIG search to find your first relevant materials. Then you can deepen your search using the online disciplinary databases, where you can find data and bibliography from authoritative sources.

Got lost? Don't worry, you can use our reference service, you'll find a librarian who can help you to navigate the ocean of our resources.

Interlibrary services

If you can't find the book or article you need in one of our libraries, we can get it for you asking another library.

Our Interlibrary service is free of charge and retrieves books and articles from italian and foreign libraries quickly.

Help with bibliographic research

Our reference service helps you to better use our bibliographic and factual databases, with the aim of making you master of research techniques.

Book an appointment logging in with  your university credentials. 

Know-how sessions

We organize periodical know-how sessions to teach users how to better use our resources. They are in italian for now, but we are working on english sessions too.