Request for Books Purchase

If you want to ask library to purchase a book, you can send your request online.

Login BiGsearch and choose “Purchase Request” on the horizontal menu to fill the form.

The librarians will evaluate your request and contact you about its result.

You can choose if you want the material in hard copy or electronic format by writing in “Requester Note” and if you want to book the material in your name.

If the book you have requested is in hard copy, you will be informed about its availability in the library and if you have booked it, you can pick it up directly from the library counter.

If an electronic source you have requested is purchased, you will be notified about its availability of access.

Make sure of the email of your BiGsearch account.

Usually, the Library does not buy the following materials:

• The materials that the library has at least one or more copies

• Out-of-commerce works

• Single magazine articles

• Single periodical issues


Please follow the status of your requests in your account on BiGsearch.