Library services for students


Going to the Library can have many benefits for your career as a student.

Exploit this opportunity to gain a competitive advantage using the library services!

Here is a closer look at reasons why the library can be very helpful to student success.


Helps students to find reading list quickly

You can easily find books and journals of your reading list using LEGANTO-Reading lists

This app allows you to choose your study course and find books and articles suggested by instructors, allowing you to  access study materials quickly and spare precious time to study.

Log in as soon as you enter the site with your institutional credentials ( You can get access to online materials and request printed materials: wait for the library email confirmation before going to the desk library to borrow the book. 

Provides a quiet place good for studying

A library is a quiet place where you can study with no noise or distractions.

You can meet other students and reasearchers and so you can be part of the university community and have opportunities for new friendships. 

Find the University Libraries and our opening hours.


Provides a room for group study

At the Engineering library you can find a space for group study.

Studying with others can help you to develop a collaborative networks.

Log in with your university credentials and book the space in our planning portal

Thousands of academic resources at your disposal

Library provides access to a huge collection of printed and online books and journals covering all the university subjects.

To find what you need, use BIGsearch, our online discovery tool.

You can borrow, request, renew printed books and you can check your personal library account by using your university credentials to log in.

Access to online resources in-campus and off-campus

Library offers you a great amount of online materials through subscriptions. 

You can easily access them by using your university credentials wherever you want, even off-campus.

Go to the Electronic resources page to explore what you can access.

You can also watch this video (italian only, but very easy to understand).

Librarian's support

Librarians can help you in searching for books and articles suitable to your exams. You can ask help just to orient yourself in browsing the shelves or in using the online databases.

This service will be precious when you'll have to face the writing of your final dissertation: then academic librarians can make your job easier and save you time.

Discover our reference service!

Other (useful) services

Library offers also other services for you:

if you need a specific book or article we don't have, you can ask it through the Interlibrary services

You can also enroll in one of our courses to better learn how to use our resources; they are in italian for now, but don't worry we are planning to do some also in english.

Part time collaborations and Voluntary Civil Service

University of Bergamo offers part time collaboration to students. This activity may be also developed in Library.

Here you will find any useful information.

You can also choose the Voluntary Civil Service, which is an opportunity offered to young people from 18 to under 29 years of age.