Using the Library Overview

You can freely access the libraries and consult the material available without having to be registered.

In order to use the services, you must be registered as a user. The Library Services distinguish users as internal users and external users according to their category of membership:

They are considered as internal users:

• Students enrolled in a bachelor or master degree courses

• Lecturers, researchers, technical and administrative staff, and those who participate and collaborate with the institutional purpose of the University.

If you belong to one of these categories, you can take advantage of all the services provided by the Library Services.

All the other types of users are considered external users.

The external users have exclusive access to the loan service, subject to the registration of a payment card in the manner described below.

Subscription of the library card for external users

If you are an external and non-authorized user, you can sign up for a library card which costs 26,00 EUR, and access the loan service only.

The card is issued at the library lending desk upon presentation of an identity card or tax number and receipt of payment.

The payment for the card must be made through the payment system pagoPA following these instructions:

•    Access the university’s pagoPA system by this link
•    Select “Pagamento spontaneo” and fill in all the required fields
•    Fill in:

-Motivo di pagamento (payment reason)

-Versamenti diversi; causale (different payments; purpose)

-Iscrizione servizio prestito bibliotecario  (registration of library loan service)

Remember to click on “Scarica ricevuta” (download receipt), to be able to present the proof of payment at the Library counter.