Borrowing a book

Biblioteca economia

When you have found the books that you want you can ask at desk for borrowing.

University of Bergamo students and staff are automatically made members of the Library when they register with the University.

The University of Bergamo card is also a library card with the library barcode on the front.

Official Visitors to the University may be entitled to free borrowing from the University's libraries.

You must show your university card in order to checkout books.

If you are an external user, you can buy a library card at the cost of € 26.

Number of loans
  • Undergraduate students:  up to 10 books
  • Postgraduate students or master students: up to 15 books
  • phd students, lectors, professors and university staff: up to 25 books
  • external users: up to 3 books
Lending times

Standard loan books can be borrowed for 30 or 60 days, depending of the categories of users.

Reading list books can be borrowed for 15 days.

Renewing books

Books may be renewed if they have not been requested by another user.

Standard Loan books can be renewed for up to 3 months from the initial issue date by undergraduates, postgraduates and external borrowers before they need to be returned to the issuing Library.

Staff, phd students and professors can renew Standard Loan books for up to 6 months from the initial issue date.

Requesting a book

You can request a book which is currently on loan and we will reserve it for you when it is returned.

Find the book details using BiGsearch and click on the title.

Log in to BiGsearch and Click on “Request”. The request option only appears if you are signed in.

When the book is available the Library will let you know via your University email account.