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From flyleaf: Between the years 1814 and 1878 there was published in Japan a series of woodblock printed volumes entitled Hokusai Manga, or Hokusai’s Sketches from Life, which was destined to be one of the most popular art publications ever issued anywhere in the world. With its rich tapestry of life as it was lived in the boisterous Tokyo of the day and its magical evocation of the beauties of the Japanese countryside, it was an immediate best-seller in Japan, and then, upon the West’s discovery of Japanese art, went on to win the hearts of people everywhere. It is from this amazing book, amazing both in execution and breadth of scope, that the 187 full page plates and the hundreds of text decorations of the present volume have been assemble. Lending additional significance to the sketches themselves is the able editing of James A. Michener, author of Tales of the South Pacific, The Voice of Asia, The Bridges at Toko-ri, Sayonara, etc., and a leading collector and student of Japanese prints
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